Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Government's Personal Agenda

The gay marriage bill has finally passed here in the state of New York.  It took long enough, wasted a lot of man hours and tax payer dollars but it passed.  It should never have been a big deal.  It seems that lately nothing can get passed without someone having to throw their personal religious beliefs into the mix.  You were not elected to tell me what you think, you were elected to speak for all of us, yet they become deaf to our voices once they are in power.  Why is that?  Why has this country become so divided because of a book?  Mind you, I take no issue with those who choose to follow the Bible or any other religious book for that matter, I just don't want it used as an excuse to vote against the will of the people.  Not everyone reads the Bible, and those of us who don't have our reasons.  Keep your beliefs out of policy.  Don't you understand?  We fought for our freedom from Brittan so that we could not be ruled by a book.  Here we are, a few hundred years later being told that our country was founded and should be governed by the same thing our forefathers fought to get away from.  We fight within the system because "Left and Right" decide what is right for us, based on their beliefs.  One person believes man should not lay with man and should die for such sins.  The other believes live and let live.  Take that and multiply it by millions and you have a faith war on your hands.  How are we supposed to thrive as a nation if we cannot live in harmony?  The nation that was founded of it's differences is now being divided by them.  All because of a book.

I live in a very diverse neighborhood.  A few years ago the Muslim family who just moved in down the street had a wedding.  Instead of isolating the neighborhood they went to every house on the block and handed out fliers inviting us all to the party they had at their home.  I had never eaten (or heard of) much of the food they had, but it was pretty good.  They welcomed strangers into their home on a very special day, and I did feel welcomed.  They are a wonderful family, and before I met them, all I had known of The Muslim people was that they were suicide bombers and murderers.  Now I know, that a handful of radical people turned a religion into a bad word.  We have Christian radicals in this country too you know, you just don't hear about them as often.  Well I think we should.  Maybe then the would will see that Christians can be just as dangerous when they believe in their cause.  Remember the Spanish Inquisition?

Religion is a beautiful thing, when it is used for a personal relationship with ones deity, not when it is used to control and command others.  That is what is happening today.  "God" has become more important than the issues.  We have now gone to war between ourselves over the books that were supposed to unite us.  Who are we to decide which "God" is mightier than the other?  Let's play a game, when a politician starts speaking about any piece of legislation see how long it takes for them to mention "God" or "Morals" or "Constitution" shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.  That's what we've come to in this country.  We're afraid to say anything that may go against anyone's beliefs for fear that we may offend.  Religion will be the death of this country only now, we have nowhere to run to so we can start again.


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