Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little Respect, Please

These past few weeks we have seen our share of audience reaction, from applauding for the death penalty, to applauding for letting a 30 year old man die because he has no insurance. Finally, last night at the Republican debate, a gay soldier with a question for one of the presidential hopefuls, was booed by members of the audience. These events had me seriously doubting that human kindness even exists. But I watch the Daily Show, and last week they showed the footage of the young soldier coming out to his dad over the phone, and their audience responded with thunderous applause for the dad and his acceptance and unwavering love for his son. Some people still celebrate courage and love, and I count myself among those that would rise to their feet in clarion hand-clapping celebration only to praise the positive. Anything less and we are smaller because of it. And anyone that boos a serviceman/woman for their sexuality should be made to serve a tour of duty with these folks they so openly mock. Then we would see who the real sissies are. - Michael Cunningham

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  1. Well said, spoken like the kind of human being we should all aspire to be.