Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Left, Right or the truth?

Lately the argument between the Left and the Right has gotten way out of control.  They are all trying to out do each other for being more religious, more in touch with unemployment and more in touch with the poor.

I have news for all of them, you understand nothing.  You have never had to worry about paying the bills.  You have never had to choose between feeding a child and and keeping the lights on.  You have never had to take the bus to get to a minimum wage job. You have never had to swallow your pride and walk into a Welfare Office to get assistance for your child only to find out that you will receive $12.36 a month food in stamps. YOU KNOW NOTHING. You claim that people on Welfare are getting money for nothing, but do you even know anyone on Welfare?  Have you tried to live with a minimum wage job?  No.  You have no clue.

WalMart has classes that teach their employees how to get Welfare.  They keep their employees under the 40 hour work week so they don't have to give them healthcare.  That has been going on for years.  A Multi-Billion dollar company that pays it's employees slave wages and sees them as disposable.  They get corporate tax deductions in the millions each year, but encourage employees to benefit from the same government assistance they rail against because health costs are too high.  They simply pass it along to the state which in turn ends up costing the government billions each year so the company can save millions.  Why is this allowed?

The War on the Middle Class we all hear of is not a war, it's a plague.  No one wants to think that they can't have "The American Dream" but it's no longer an option.  College has become a luxury, and most people cannot afford it.  Tuition has increased as wages have decreased. How can you expect to pay for the loans they take out if they have no jobs to look forward to when they graduate?  We all suffer so the major companies can continue the bloodletting on the American Public.

Healthcare?  You have no idea what it's like to NOT have Healthcare.  YOU have healthcare for life.  We have to worry about getting sick.  If we get cancer, the chances are our insurance company will drop us and we either die in horrible pain from lack of money and medication, spend every penny we have to try and get our medication and die with bankrupt families or commit suicide.  YOU didn't know that, did you?  Maybe you do know, and you just don't care.  After all Mr. Right wants to take away the only Healthcare law we now have.  He wants to take away the safety net we have that our insurance company cannot drop us if we get sick.  He wants to remove the part of the bill that says CHILDREN with serious illnesses cannot be dropped from their parents plan.  Save the children, unless they are sick?  You don't care at all do you?

You want to cut Medicare for the elderly.  Why?  You have a 1.3TRILLION dollar defense budget. but the elderly need to make a sacrifice?  You are on very shaky ground here guys.  Giving less to the elderly and paying less to doctors means more sick people and fewer doctors to see them.  That leads us to believe you're just trying to kill off the elderly.  You won't tell them that, but it is the bottom line, isn't it?  You make more money if they're dead?  You don't know the American People, you know what you're told about the American people, and what you've been told is nowhere near the truth. 

You live in Ivory Towers, blinded by your own greed, fed by the lives you ruin.  "We The People" means "We the rich and powerful" to you.  You have no idea what we want or what we need.  You like to tell us what you can do for us, but when we read the fine print, we see that it takes more from us and gives more to you.

You sold our jobs to the lowest bidder overseas.  Did you ever think about our futures, or just your own profits?  Millions out of work in America, Millions of jobs sent to Bangalore India, China, Mexico and Korea.  All for the sake of bigger profits.  Well, here is a bit of news for you, if people in America cannot buy the products you make in other countries, at what point does it not become profitable to make those products overseas?  You pay NOTHING in taxes here because the company is overseas.  This brings our tax revenue down and makes the country suffer, but you made millions, and that's what all of this is about, right?

President Bush didn't do this, President Obama didn't do this, years before them both we had President Reagan who started it and President Clinton did nothing to stop it and because of this, we now have a runaway system that seems to be the norm.  Big Business made Billions, yes Billions by sending American Jobs overseas.  They have paid no taxes here, and we have been hemorrhaging money ever since.

So, Mr. Left and Mr. Right neither of you know what it is that hurts the American People.  You say a few key words and repeat what your handlers tell you, but you have no idea.  Live like us and you will begin to hate yourself more and more each day, but you'll never give up your money. 

Revolution could be at hand, and I don't mean at the polls.

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